Week 299: Candy Cane Lane Woodland Hills

December 24, 2023

AllTrails Candy Cane Lane Woodland Hills, 2.76 Miles

Barbara and I wanted a dose of holiday spirit for our Christmas Eve morning hike and headed out to Candy Cane Lane, an 8 block neighborhood in Woodland Hills. Granted, Candy Cane Lane is at its best at night, lit up with thousands of lights outlining homes, lawns, trees, and decorations, but we still had fun with our sidewalk closeup of holiday joy. The whole idea began in the late 1940s. The community of Woodland Hills finally got a name in 1945, Pierce College opened in 1947, and in 1948 June Ashen became the first resident on Luabo Street in a neighborhood N of Ventura Blvd. surrounded by walnut groves. In 1950 June pulled together a coffee klatch with her only neighbors—Helen Couzens—resident #2, and Mooie Harrington—resident #3, to talk about how they could "spruce up the neighborhood for the holidays." They decided to decorate their mailboxes like candy canes, and as the neighborhood filled up they convinced each new neighbor to do the same. A local plumber donated tin stove pipes to paint white and stripe with red tape; husbands went to work with skill saws and electric cords; and every year the decorations became more elaborate. In 1953 they decided to rename Lubao "Candy Cane Lane." (The city didn't agree but the tradition stuck.)  Each NS street got its own holiday name and theme. Planning starts after Halloween, decorations go up after Thanksgiving. Barbara and I hiked the streets in order from east to west: Jumilla Avenue/"Avenue of the Bells"; Oakdale Avenue/"Candelabra Lane"; Luabo Avenue/"Candy Cane Lane"; and Penfield Avenue/"Carolers Way." Most of the homes have lights lining roofs, windows, fences, strung through trees; some around the cutouts, blow ups, and characters. Several homes adopt the theme of their street, and a few Scrooges do nothing. Barbara and I parked at Corbin and Martha just north of the 101, walked west to Jumilla then headed north from there. The photos tell the story—imagine everything surrounded by lights Santa can see from above!  







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