Week 295: Wilacre Park Studio City

October 30, 2023

 Fryman Canyon's U Vanu and Dearing Trails via Shady Oak Trail,  2.29 miles.

Studio City's Betty B. Dearing Trail loop around Fryman in Wilacre Park is popular for good reason: good workout, great views, wide-trail friendly to hikers, joggers, kids, and dogs—and a convenient local immersion in Mother Nature. Seeking variety and adventure over the usual, Barbara and I discovered a new route into and around Fryman that became a wonderful alternative with the same great views but less people. We found the little known trailhead for Shady Oak Trail at the S end of Shady Oak Road off Viewcrest in Studio City, and followed the single can't-get-lost trail up a half mile through parts of Wilacre Park you can't see from the standard Fryman hike. Instead of turning east or west onto Betty B. Dearing Trail when we reached the end of Shady Oak Trail, we crossed the Dearing Trail walking S to the unmarked U Vanu Trail on our right, heading west. That's where the hike got interesting. U Vanu parallels the Dearing Trail but at a higher elevation with more rigorous (but not ridiculous) climbs than Dearing, a different view of the inside of the canyon, and yet, still the same glorious view of the SF Valley from Burbank/Universal to the west valley. We heard the hikers below us on Dearing but couldn't see them but for one quick opening about a half mile in. Our goal: the end of U Vanu and a turnaround back to Shady Oak via the Dearing Trail. Great contrast between the empty trail above and the crowded trail below—a touch of hiking serendipity to make the morning more interesting! 




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