Week 264: Malibu Bluffs Park

April 17, 2022

AllTrails Malibu Bluff Trail, 2 miles out-and-back. 

There are multiple mountain trails above and small beaches below PCH from Point Dume to the Malibu Colony, and Barbara and I have hiked many of them. Inevitably, after we finish we drive east along PCH to the "Malibu Starbucks," passing small Malibu Bluffs Park across PCH from Pepperdine University along the way. Today we made the six-acre community park our destination. Sitting flat on top of the bluff facing the Pacific, the park features baseball diamonds, a soccer field, playground, and community center—all Malibu-perfect and well tended. But our AllTrails app sent us to a small trailhead at the west tip of the parking lot for a lovely trek through acres of flowers, fauna, and a terrific southern view of the ocean spanning from Pt. Dume to Palos Verdes. Immediately calming. No trees, so no shade, but an array of verdant plants and yellow mustard plants decorated the small dirt trail. At PCH, our turn-back point, we started to retrace our steps when a deer leapt from the brush and soared gracefully over the path. And that was the big excitement of the morning. We went rogue on the way back, following an offshoot trail to the edge of the bluff for a look down at the $$$$$ beachfront homes tightly squeezed together along Malibu Road. It was an effortless hike, but no complaints—the ocean soothes and nature hugs and Malibu Bluff Trail was a lovely way to spend a Spring morning. As usual, when we finished we hopped over to Malibu Starbucks for mochas.




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