Week 251: Corbin Canyon Woodland Hills

November 07, 2021

 AllTrails Corbin Canyon Trail, 2.4 mile in & out eyelet. 

Looking for something new after weeks of short rehab hikes, Barbara and I found this interesting nature escape tucked in Corbin Canyon south of Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills. Corbin Canyon's 328 acres of woodland and grassland was saved from hungry developers in 1994 when the Topanga Property Owners Association directed $1M in funds toward its purchase. The always awesome Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy officially dedicated the canyon as a start of the "Big Wild" and transferred ownership to California State Parks in 2002, making it a pocket of Topanga State Park. The single dirt track begins at the fenced-off end of Corbin Avenue south of Ventura Boulevard. The first quarter mile of the trail is grassland with new tree plantings (love that) and then leads into a wooded area that makes you forget you're anywhere near a metropolis. This isn't a "view" hike—it's flat, woodsy, low, and just interesting enough to be fun. Around 3/4 of a mile in we discovered a makeshift play area near the dry stream bed with two swings hung on thick ropes from large trees—irresistible enough to make us (me) stop for a quick swing. Another few hundred feet up the trail, a rusted, upside-down abandoned car wreck sat in the stream bed. No clue how it even got that far in the narrow trail to tumble. A massive tree marked the one mile turnaround point. We were the only humans on the trail, but it's dog friendly (watch for coyotes) and so quiet that all we heard were bird calls and woodsy rustles. From the tree terminus, we hiked back north, taking a fork on our left about a quarter-mile down to take a grassland trail on the other side of the stream bed (the center of the eyelet) for our return. A fun Sunday morning escape!




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