Week 225: Pacific Palisades Los Liones Trail

December 20, 2020

 Hikespeak Los Liones Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, 3 miles. 

Barbara and I headed west on Sunset Boulevard to this new-to-us hike in Topanga State Park, just a mile from the Pacific Ocean. Topanga is Shoshonian for "above," and Los Liones Trail, just a portion of Topanga's 36 miles of trails, is true to its promise. Easy to find, this "no decision" out and back trail is a treasure from start to finish with open grassland, live oaks, and teasing ocean views after the first third of a mile. The narrow single trail is challenging but not hard—a steady climb along an often rocky, sometimes slippery dirt path along the edge of the canyon. No deep, dark history—this area avoided invasion until after the establishment of Pueblo de Los Angeles in 1781, escaped development, and has been a popular weekend getaway since the 1920s. Our goal: a lone bench at the 1.5 mile mark. The trail kept us entertained all the way to the top, and then the view opened like a holiday gift from Mother Nature: to the South, the sweeping curvature of Santa Monica Bay with Palos Verdes and Catalina in the distance; to the East, a glimpse of the city skyline framed by snow-capped San Gabriels. We parked on the bench for a snack, grateful to be living in L.A., then retraced our steps down to the trailhead. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this hike—this trail is utterly perfect for exercise and inspiration. Just go early to miss the crowds. Highly recommended!



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