Week 134: Stoney Point Park

June 17, 2018

L.A. Walks: Stoney Point Park has a Tricky Path to Rocky Views, 1 mile

Charles Fleming's hike from the 3/21/2014 L.A. Times looked simple enough—a counterclockwise trek around Stoney Point, a collection of sandstone boulders formed in the Pacific 65-million years ago, and the site of Native American Indian settlements from 6000 BC until the 1790s when a combo of the Spanish, railroads, and missions stripped the natives of their land. Now Stoney Point, at the top of Topanga Canyon Blvd just south of the 118, is a protected landmark and L.A. Historic & Cultural Monument. A hotspot for climbing enthusiasts and one of the first bouldering (the sport of climbing boulders w/o the use of ropes or gear) areas anywhere, it's still a renowned training spot for pro rock-climbers. Barbara and I set out to follow the flat outer trail counterclockwise, watching the "experts" climb the rocks. Hah! Within a 1/4 mile it was impossible to resist exploring the maze of trails leading up, some to the highest peak, others to dead ends. Though we didn't get to the top, we climbed like kids as far as caution and "yikes" allowed. With Barbara (the bold one) in the lead, we explored caverns and crevices, braved thorns, brush, and slippery trails, and spidered up craggy rocks eons old. We returned to our starting point feeling a great sense of adventure and accomplishment—so effing awesome up there. You know it's a great hike when you get home covered with thorns stuck to your legs and dirt in your shoes. Barbara and I agreed, we'd go back in a minute to Stoney Point—glorious and totally one of the most fun hikes in our repertoire.





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